Priest surplice - cotton lace (D1)

$ 149

  • 64.6 in / 164 cm
  • 66.9 in / 170 cm
  • 69.3 in / 176 cm
  • 71.7 in / 182 cm
  • cotton with polyester
  • percale
  • gabardine

Priest surplice - cotton lace.

IHS pattern lace.

Made of high quality stain resistant fabrics, your choice of:

100% polyester
Blend of polyester and cotton (50%/50%)
Percale (100% cotton).

The fabric used in the production of the surplice is airy and crease-resistant, and is suitable for standard washing and ironing, which together account for the practicality of this garment even with frequent use.

The quality of the fabric used largely helps to preserve the color and shade given to the surplice, and makes this vestment comfortable to wear.

The appropriate liturgical style is added by the high-quality, carefully sewn cotton lace.

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