About us

The owner of the online store and the domain sewofworld.com is the company:

Dewo Group Krzysztof Slonina.

Passion for high-quality liturgical vestments

Someone with a deep passion for liturgical art created Sewofworld Poland. Having volunteered in various positions at a local parish for many years, they saw firsthand the importance of high-quality, beautifully crafted liturgical vestments.

Providing the best for clergy

The founder of Sewofworld Poland understood that priests and other clergy deserve liturgical vestments that are not only functional, but are true works of art. Through years of research and working with the best materials and craftsmen, Sewofworld has created a collection of liturgical vestments to help clergy lead worship with dignity and respect.

Vision for the future

Sewofworld Poland's vision is to become the leading online destination for liturgical vestments in Europe and beyond. With exceptional customer service, competitive pricing and an ever-growing selection, Sewofworld Polska aims to make high-quality liturgical vestments accessible to all. It also plans to work with more local artisans and expand its offerings to include other liturgical fabrics and accessories.

Trusted quality you can believe in

Although still a young company, Sewofworld has already gained a strong reputation among clergy and parish leaders for reliable service and well-made products. The company's founder goes to great lengths to ensure that each vestment meets the highest standards before it reaches customers. Sewofworld's success will not be measured by growth or profits, but by the joy their vestments bring to those who wear them in service.

We wish you successful shopping.

Malgorzata and Krzysztof Slonina.