Embroidered chasuble Christ the Good Shepherd

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Embroidered chasuble Christ the Good Shepherd

Gothic chasuble with inner stole.

It is made of high-quality brocade fabric.

The chasuble fabric is airy and crease-resistant, suitable for standard washing and ironing. The quality of the fabric helps preserve the color and shade.

In the center of the chasuble is a plain belt with liturgical embroidery made with satin and gold metalized thread.

A gold piping separates the center belt.

The chasuble is finished with a trim of matching color on the edges.

The chasuble is available in various liturgical colors.

Includes inner stole with embroidered gold crosses.

Chasuble dimensions:

Length: 127 cm (50 inches)

Width: 158 cm (62.2 inches)

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