Semi Gothic IHS chasuble - liturgical colors (13)

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Semi Gothic IHS chasuble - liturgical colors

Semi-Gothic chasuble with inner stole

Made of high-quality plain fabric (stretch - 100% polyester)

The fabric used for the chasuble is airy and crease-resistant. It is suitable for standard washing and ironing, which together make it practical and suitable for frequent use. The quality of the fabrics used largely helps preserve the color and shade of the chasuble.

The chasuble features woven stripes in the center, with a velvet panel in the center section. The IHS embroidery on the panel in gold metalized thread adds to the liturgical character of the vestment. The panel with the embroidered appliqué is also available separately.

Chasuble is available in various liturgical colors.

Includes embroidered inner stole with gold crosses.

Chasuble dimensions:

Length: 127 cm / 50 inches

Width: 158 cm / 62.2 inches

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