Liturgical Veil IHS, Chalice, Grape (8)

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Liturgical Veil IHS, Chalice, Grape

Liturgical Veil with lining and tassels

Manufactured from high-quality stain-resistant fabric: Brocade is light gold.

The fabric used is airy and crease-resistant, suitable for standard washing and ironing, which together make it practical even for frequent use. The high-quality fabric helps preserve the color and shade given.

The back of the veil features high-quality embroidery with a chalice and host and vine made with gold and colored metalized thread.

The veil is fastened at the front with a gold chain, and gold-colored tassels are at the bottom of the front.

The elements mentioned above guarantee a high standard of the product and provide the appropriate liturgical style.


Length: 250 cm / 98.4 inches

Width: 60 cm / 23.6 inches

By buying a liturgical veil, you receive high-quality quality and, above all, the beauty that enriches the liturgy.

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